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Delivering pan-European IT, eCommerce, privacy & data protection legal solutions


Ecomlex have a deep understanding of the transformative impact that artificial intelligence has on organizations and on our society at large. Ecomlex members are well placed to advise organizations on how to comply with new laws and regulations on AI, in particular how to assess the legal risks of using AI in a customer and employment context, and how to put in place an AI governance structure which addresses the key issues that AI raises for companies.

Ecomlex have accumulated market leading experience in Cloud services, bridging the gap between cloud provider standard terms and customer governance requirements. From working opposite dozens of service providers (and acting for some of them), we understand what can be negotiated. In structuring cloud projects, our members comprehensively cover cloud privacy issues and have been at the forefront of solutions in data export, security and global compliance for vendors and users alike.

Ecomlex members are able to advise on cards and digital payments transactions, including the establishment of mobile wallets, money remittance via mobile devices, contactless payments, cash-in-transit and ATM services, merchant acquiring, dynamic currency conversion and related payments infrastructure advice.

Ecomlex is at the cutting-edge of blockchain technology. In particular our members are highly experienced in cryptocurrencies, proof of existence and smart-contracts, advising significant industry players and ensuring they have the law on their side when exploiting the many commercial opportunities that blockchain presents.

Ecomlex also advises clients on important areas such as Internet of things, open source software and SaaS projects.