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Photo of Dr András Gurovits

Dr András Gurovits

Partner Niederer Kraft Frey
Business Address Niederer Kraft Frey Ltd Bahnhofstrasse 53 Zurich CH-8001 Switzerland Phone: +41 58 800 8377 Website: www.nkf.ch


András Gurovits specialises in the areas of outsourcing/TMT as well as dispute resolution (arbitration/litigation and white collar crime), sports law, corporate governance/compliance and competition/antitrust proceedings. In the outsourcing/TMT area he puts special focus on domestic and international outsourcing and procurement projects as well as industry-specific M&A transactions.

András is a member of the Zurich Bar Association, Swiss Bar Association, International Bar Association, Swiss Arbitration Association, CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport), ISLA and IAOP.

Before joining Niederer Kraft Frey in 1994 he had various business functions within major IT/Telecom providers in Switzerland. He became partner in 2001 and is a listed arbitrator with the Court of Arbitration for Sport CAS/TAS in Lausanne as well as member of the Legal Committee of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

András Gurovits regularly publishes TMT related articles in other specialised forums and publications.

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Niederer Kraft Frey Ltd Bahnhofstrasse 53 Zurich CH-8001 Switzerland

Niederer Kraft Frey

Bahnhofstrasse 53,

Phone: +41 58 800 8000

Website: www.nkf.ch

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András Gurovits

Phone: +41 58 800 8377
E-mail: andras.gurovits@nkf.ch