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Niels Christian Ellegaard

Niels Christian Ellegaard   Partner
t: +45 33 12 11 33

Niels Christian Ellegaard advises primarily on issues relating to IT, outsourcing and telecommunications. He also advises in cases related to company law, general commercial law, regulatory infrastructure matters and litigation.
Niels Christian Ellegaard has extensive experience in the area of IT and telecommunications, providing advice on legislation and practice in the area, the formation and interpretation of contracts, M&A and dispute resolution. He also has extensive company law experience and is the chairman of a number of boards of directors.

Niels Christian is recommended in legal directories as a leading individual in IP, IT and telecoms. He was previously posted to work in LEGO's legal department and was temporarily appointed a High Court judge at the Eastern Division of the Danish High Court. For a number of years, Niels Christian was also an external lecturer in jurisprudence (legal philosophy) at the University of Copenhagen.