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Jacobo Ollero

Jacobo Ollero   Associate
+34 91 310 64 00

Jacobo graduated in law from the University College Domingo de Soto (Segovia), part of the Complutense University of Madrid. Following graduation he studied doctorate courses in commercial law at the same university. Jacobo became in house legal adviser to Patentes Talgo S.A. (Talgo) in 1999 and was responsible for all legal-tax affairs of the company, including relations between with the board of directors and shareholders. In this role Jacobo also oversaw all types of contracts, the company's relations with, and the legal supervision of subsidiaries, property management, litigation and engagement with public authorities. Jacobo joined Jiménez de Parga Abogados in 2002 and currently works on IT, commercial IP, licensing, software and e-commerce issues for several clients.